Jean Evans
Missouri Representative, District 99

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I have enjoyed serving the people of the 99th House District. There's more work to do. I'm asking you to join my campaign. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Vote - I need your vote, so make sure you make it to the polls and that you are registered to vote.
  2. Volunteer - My election is a team effort. I would not be here without my fantastic volunteers and I invite you to join the team.
  3. Subscribe - To updates from me about how we are doing and prepare yourself to engage with critics.
  4. Donate - If you have the means, please consider supporting me financially. Our competitors will be spending heavily to defeat us and money fuels our ability to communicate.

Thank you for being a supporter. I look forward to keeping the momentum going as we make progress for each other and the State of Missouri.

- Jean Evans

Legislative Priorities

Raising the Marriage Age in Missouri: There is currently no minimum age to marry in Missouri. My bill would prohibit marriage for thus under 15, or when one partner is over 21 and the other under 18. Doing so will align our marriage laws with our statutory rape laws.  This is both an anti-trafficking bill as well as an effort to end 'forced marriages' in Missouri.

Expanding CBD oil usage: Cannabis Oil is used to treat intractable epilepsy as well as other conditions that are resistant to traditional pharmaceuticals. My bill provides more opportunities for those with these conditions to utilize this treatment legally in Missouri.

Banning Shackling of Pregnant Female prisoners: Shackling pregnant female prisoners is dangerous and unneccessary. The Department of Corrections has a policy against the practice. However, it is not banned throughout the state and other agencies are still doing, resulting in tragic results for both mothers and babies. Many states have already banned this, and both Missouri Right to Life and the ACLU are in favor of Missouri doing the same.

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