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Jean Evans
Missouri Representative, District 99

I have enjoyed serving the people of the 99th House District. There's more work to do. I'm asking you to join my campaign. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Vote - I need your vote, so make sure you make it to the polls and that you are registered to vote.

  2. Volunteer - My election is a team effort. I would not be here without my fantastic volunteers and I invite you to join the team.

  3. Subscribe - To updates from me about how we are doing and prepare yourself to engage with critics.

  4. Donate - If you have the means, please consider supporting me financially. Our competitors will be spending heavily to defeat us and money fuels our ability to communicate.

Thank you for being a supporter. I look forward to keeping the momentum going as we make progress for each other and the State of Missouri.

- Jean Evans

“Named Outstanding Freshman Legislator 2018
The Missouri Times.”

Legislative Accomplishments

Among the bills the legislature "truly agreed to and finally passed" this session are several bills that I have been working with my fellow legislators and community members to put into law. This session, I was proud to work with my colleagues to pass legislation including:

  • Raising the marriage age in Missouri

  • Allowing physicians to treat epilepsy patients with CBD oil

  • Banning the shackling of female inmates

  • Extending the sunset on amateur sports tax credits

  • Making PCSAS an acceptable accreditation for licensure of psychologists

  • Allowing minority and women controlled non-profits to receive accreditation similar to private enterprises

  • Making prizes won by Olympic (including Paralympic and Special Olympic) athletes non-taxable

Thanks to all those who worked and fought so hard by my side on these issues. I have been working to pass legislation on the marriage issue since before my first session gaveled-in. Because of this bill, predators and traffickers will finally no longer be able to abuse our antiquated marriage laws to gain legal cover for their heinous crimes. In addition, because of our hard work, Missourians will be freer to chose the medical treatment that works best for them, punishments in our state will be less cruel and unusual, and Show-Me State champions who inspire us will be able to keep all that they've rightfully won. 

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